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project overview

The Sabdullah Commercial Solar Installation project, situated in Karachi, represents a significant step towards sustainable energy utilization for commercial establishments. Ilyas Power Solution spearheaded this initiative to provide Sabdullah with an advanced solar energy solution aimed at reducing operational costs and promoting environmental responsibility.

Project Details

Solar Panel Selection

Ilyas Power Solution meticulously selected high-performance 335-watt mono perc P-type panels to ensure optimal energy efficiency for Sabdullah’s commercial premises.

Inverter Specification

Leveraging top-tier brands such as Inverex Nitrox for Hybrid systems and Growatt for On-grid setups, the installation guarantees consistent and reliable performance.

DC Cabling Length

The seamless connectivity of the system spans approximately 300-350 feet from the solar panels to the inverters, emphasizing efficiency and effectiveness.

Installation Timeline

Our dedicated team completed the project within a remarkably short timeframe, minimizing disruption and ensuring swift deployment within the commercial space.

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System Performance

Daily Energy Production

With an impressive average output of 100-110 units per day, the Sabdullah commercial establishment enjoys a steady and sustainable energy supply.

Panel And System Size

The 30kW panel size, coupled with a total system capacity of 33kW, guarantees reliability and efficiency in meeting the energy demands of the commercial property.

Battery Backup

To ensure uninterrupted operation, robust tubular batteries have been integrated to provide backup power during emergencies.

Main Distribution System

Our robust main line distribution system seamlessly integrates with the grid, enhancing overall system performance and reliability.

Dual PV System

The project incorporates a 15kW 3-phase hybrid system with backup, alongside a 30kW on-grid system, providing enhanced functionality and versatility.

Legacy And Innovation

Drawing from our extensive experience in the solar energy sector since the 1970s, every component deployed in the Sabdullah Commercial Solar Installation project embodies the hallmark of our expertise and innovation. From the robust hybrid system featuring the Inverex Nitrox inverter to the dependable on-grid solution powered by Growatt, each aspect is meticulously engineered to deliver optimal performance and reliability.

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